MYF Camp

Welcome to MYF Camp!

Welcome to MYF Camp, undoubtedly the best soccer camp in Spain. We started this new project with enthusiasm and eagerly of making people grow both technically and personally.

MYF Camp arises from the collaboration between one of the most important soccer schools in the Valencian Community, the most innovative personalized tutoring academy in the Valencia city and a Colombian soccer team. In addition, it is based on the work of a great human team, in which we have various categories, within which we can find methodologists responsible for achieving success in the elite of South American football. Accredited and trained trainers, whose experience will provide a deep formation. Monitors, whose main functions are to ensure the safety and fun of young athletes. Spanish teachers qualified as teachers of the language, which will promote a high-level teaching, guaranteeing their correct learning. And, a qualified staff capable of persevering the correct functioning of the camp.

In this first edition, our goal is to cover national and international development programs during the summer and that the improvement of their skills and abilities can bring our students to achieve their goals, both sports and academically, if they participate in Spanish language classes.

As a result, MYF Camp makes sport an effective element for education and the comprehensive development of those who practice it. This approach is translated into football training and recreational activities that combining shape the platform for a new model of camp for young people across the world.