MYF Camp

Our 4 Coaches

More good news! There will be four dynamic and relaxed coaching sessions in which young will receive lectures from experts in the soccer’s world, offering them a complete view of elite sport.

The aim of these lectures is to complement the sports training of our methodology by strengthening the mentality of our players to improve their performance as soccer players.

In first place, the lecture will be starring Pedro Villarroel (President of the Levante U.D. for 15 years). Secondly, the key point of the lecture is the vision of a former professional player of Spanish First Division with Villarreal C.F. and Levante U.D, called Javi Venta. Third, will try a motivational coach, entitled “Road to success”, which will be led by Juan Planes (degree in Management and Marketing from ESIC, Coaching course at Harvard University). And, finally, the coach will be nutritional field entitled “We are what we eat”, which will be led by Sandra Carrera (graduate in human nutrition and dietetics, Master’s in Nutrition and Metabolism).

Ultimately, is a great opportunity for young people not only enjoy sport in their physical activity, but also in his football mentality.