MYF Camp


Our expertise relies on making people grow inside and outside the field. We have our goal very clear and these are the values we stand on

Our Team

MYF camp is the result of the work of a great human team. In the team we have 5 different categories of work

Our History

Learn about our history in the world of sports and education. We have many years of experience as trainers and mentors

Our Goal

MYF Camp is the sports side of Eduvap Academy, a company whose objective is to achieve the success of its students through education



MYF Camp is the consequence of the work of a great human team. In the team, we have five different categories of work

Ismael and Juan Rescalvo have the highest academic qualification of the RFEF: the certificate of Professional Trainer. After many years training in Spain, they have achieved success among the South American football elite

They are all accredited and trained by the RFEF and are experts whose greatest virtue is the development and encouragement of the skills of the junior players. Experienced training in junior leagues in Spain, they all have certified spoken English qualifications, which allows them to communicate and train players from any country

It is their main job to guarantee the safety and fun of our young athletes. Educated for first aid emergencies, safety and evacuation protocols, they always know exactly how to proceed if any problem were to arise. Their youth and sense of fun are their main strengths, which will allow them to enchant the youngsters with games, activities and unique experiences.They also have a certified knowledge of English proving them able to lead youngsters from different parts of the world

Qualified as language teachers, it is their job to guarantee the teaching with basic mechanisms of communication, oral and written expression among our students. Specialists in education, they will divide the students into different levels, which makes it possible for the students, to take maximum advantage of the intensive program of Spanish as a second language

All the time and effort is aimed at making MYF Camp an unbeatable experience. The Staff will be responsible for the perfect operation of the camp, looking after and offering advice to players and their parents. Furthermore, we ensure the perfect condition of the sports facilities, accommodation and transport.



MYF Camp arises from the collaboration between one of the most important football academies in the Region of Valencia, the most innovative personalized tutorship agency in Valencia and a professional internationally and renowned Colombian football team which has produced through its youth teams famous players as James Rodríguez and Juan Fernando Quintero



MYF Camp is the sports side of Eduvap Academy, a company whose objective is to achieve that their students get, through education, the means to mark the differences in any area of their life.

Specialized in teaching children under 18, both academic and sports, our goal is to cover national and international development programs during the summer and school year, which encourage the improvement of skills and abilities with which our students can get a little closer to making their dreams of the future come true.