MYF Camp


Enjoy an unforgettable summer in VALENCIA

On the shores of the Mediterranean sea awaits the “city of light”: Valencia. A destination where you will find magnificent beaches, an unbeatable gastronomy and an avant-garde architecture that has as its representative the City of Arts and Sciences



City of the Turia"

In the east of Spain and bathed in the waters of the Mediterranean, a world reference point for football and quality tourism, Valencia is the ideal city to launch the first edition of MYF Camp.

The reasons that make Valencia one of the most spectacular cities in Europe are many and varied: the quality of life and safety can be felt with every step. The climate, warm and stable temperatures make the city one of the most popular holiday destinations in Spain. For its cuisine, the ingredients and Mediterranean dishes are abundant, and this is the original home of the paella, horchata and the orange. Its geographical position

is another of Valencia’s attractions: in the east of the Iberian Peninsula are some of the most popular beaches in Europe, such as Malvarrosa or La Patacona. It is also known around the world for the Albufera, an extensive mass of fresh water that irrigates the rice fields, the Huerta and all the fields of crops surrounding the city of Valencia, thus creating a micro-climate that gives place to the famous City of Arts and Sciences.


In the football atmosphere, Valencia is, with Barcelona, the Spanish city with the greatest success in the creation and development of young academy players.This is due exclusively to three factors. In the first place, the investment in facilities and especially in football fields and materials, both technical and technological, imply that there is a firm commitment to propelling promising young players into the world’s elite. In the second place, over the last two decades a great effort has been made in improving the knowledge of trainers and methodologists, thus creating an outstanding destination for young players from all over Europe. Finally, within a radius of sixty kilometers, there are three teams from the Spanish La Liga: Valencia CF, Levante UD and Villarreal CF, with their respective junior teams, always in search of new talent. In short, Valencia is today one of the world’s main locations for the encouragement and development of young football players.

Vistas Terraza Hemisféric Día copia

Like any Spanish city, Valencia is an excellent option for learning and improving Spanish, the second most widely spoken mother tongue in the world. Valencia is also a city with great cultural and leisure attractions. The City of Arts and Sciences is probably the flagship of Valencia.

The historical city center, one of the largest in Europe, has streets, cathedrals and squares making it mandatory to visit. We should not forget the leisure options: it is easy to enjoy the city of Valencia: beaches, food, shopping centers, great atmosphere… and one of the best theme parks in the world is only 250 kilometers away.


  • Warm and welcoming, Valencia has over three hundred sunny days a year.We take advantage of the change of season to summer, when the days are at their longest and the temperature is at it’s nicest, to work in the best climate in the Mediterranean.
  • With the aim of adapting ourselves to the academic years in the world’s different countries, we offer three stages for the MYF Camp 2019.
  • Each stage will have a maximum number limited to forty players.
    Places will be awarded strictly on the basis of registration date.
  • The duration of each Stage is two weeks. This is the perfect length for achieving a real and measurable improvement both in terms of football and in Spanish, as well as to be able to visit and get to know Valencia in depth and all its tourist attractions.