MYF Camp



Our methodology has been developed by the Rescalvo brothers, professional trainers with experience in First Division


Our athletes can learn and improve their Spanish with native and specialized tutors in the subject


Experts of different areas will share their knowledge and experience with our players, offering a broad vision of the elite of our sport, football


12 activities will take place during the stage in order for our athletes to enjoy as much as possible their stay with their teammates


Ismael Rescalvo and Juan Rescalvo, the current trainers of the professional football team of Independiente del Valle of Ecuador, have developed the training methodology of MYF Camp. Despite the fact that they have trained first division teams over the last years, they have had a long career training youth football teams in the Valencian region whose success led them to make the leap into professional football training.

This methodology has the purpose to develop the capacities of the player at an individual level, but also his collective performance as a team member. In order to achieve the methodology’s goal, our trainers will work on seven different areas of football, which the Rescalvo brothers consider fundamental for the proper performance of players on the field.

Spoken by over 400 million people, it is also the mother tongue of one of the most important football leagues in the world: La Liga in Spain. With over 16 intensive hours of class, our athletes will be able to learn and improve their Spanish with tutors specialized in Spanish for foreign learners.

Pupils will be divided into four classes regarging their level, A1 (Beginners),A2 (Elementary), B1 (Intermediate) and B2 (Advanced).

The classes will be dynamic and will use innovative teaching methods that will encourage participation and learning. Our objective is to increase the knowledge of the students and provide them with the skills to be able to have a fluent conversation and, with further practice on returning to their countries of origin, obtain the certificate for which they have been prepared at MYF Camp.



During the camp, four dynamic coaching sessions will be held.The young players will attend conferences led by experts from the Spanish professional football. The purpose of the coaching sessions is to complement the sport training by strengthening the mentality of our players so as to improve their performance as football players.


Laying the foundations
The first activity at MYF Camp 2019 has the objective to help everybody get to know each other, strengthening the virtues of each participant and developing capacities that we haven’t yet worked on.The activity proposed takes the form of a Gymkhana in search of treasure and takes place in the spacious and well-kept gardens and orange orchards surrounding Masia de Lacy.
Malvarrosa Beach
Known around the world for Sorolla’s paintings and its fine, golden sands, Malvarrosa is one of Spain’s best-known beaches. With an appearance similar to Malibu in Los Angeles, with tall palm-trees and a broad seafront promenade, Malvarrosa Beach is lapped by the waves of the Mediterranean Sea.The second activity at MYF Camp 2019 takes place at Malvarrosa Beach and consists of an afternoon devoted to beach football and fun.
Sea Saffron: Panoramic View
Through Sea Saffron, a well-established company in the field of tourism, we can get to know one the most emblematic places in Valencia and in European architecture, the iconic City of Arts and Sciences, designed by Santiago Calatrava.We will discover the peculiarities of the five buildings of which it is made up.The guided visit continues with the ascent to the 33rd and last floor of the tallest building in the city: the Tower of France, where we are offered the most spectacular panoramic view of Valencia.
The fourth activity at MYF Camp 2019 takes place in the historical district of Valencia.We shall take a pleasant stroll around the district enjoying the magnificent sights of the city of fire and light.
With a four-kilometer beach with lifesavers and health services and many leisure activities, we have one of the most beautiful natural gifts in Valencia, Playa del Puig. We shall play and swim in the evening and before going home, we shall try the worldwide known horchata with fartons.
To the south of Barcelona is one of the most spectacular and fun theme parks in the world: Port Aventura. It has over fifty roller-coasters, six themed areas and dozens of living spectacles, as well as the new Ferrari World.We shall enjoy the numerous rides all day with a fast pass (Premium Ticket) to be able to go on the rides as many times as we wish (or dare)!
La Albufera is the main nature park in the province of Valencia, and it is also known as the largest lake in Spain. On the seventh activity at MYF Camp, we shall enjoy a guided boat trip on the immense La Albufera lake, getting to know the flora and fauna which is resident in this autochthonous micro-system in an area which receives hundreds of migratory birds each year.
Heron City is the most enjoyable mall inValencia with over fifty stores and leisure centers. Our youngsters will enjoy bowling, laser game, cinema or any activity they choose. With over 42,000 square meters of pure entertainment, it offers an enormous range of activities and is one of the largest shopping centers in theValencian Region.
The ninth activity at MYF Camp takes place in the Oceanografic, fourth largest aquarium in the World and the largest one in Europe.With over 7,000 species, we will get to know different ecosystems of our oceans, which will make us, understand their importance in our world.
We shall see one of the most emblematic stadiums and Spain’s oldest ground: MESTALLA. To begin the visit, we walk down the corridors that great stars have trodden every Sunday on the way to the changing-rooms, and later we visit the interview area, the museum and the greatest treasure of the Ches, the Trophy Room.We fi nally have the privilege of treading on the grass, where Kempes, David Villa, David Silva, Juan Mata and Santiago Cañizares became legends of the city.
The objective of the eleventh activity at MYF Camp is to apply the techniques and tactics acquired during the camp, strengthening the players’ skills of achievement and development. The activity proposed consists of a team tournament to win the MYF Championship Cup.
With food provided by COLEVISA and with the collaboration of the entire staff of Mediterranean Youth Camp, the players will enjoy a farewell dinner, prize giving, dancing and music to say goodbye to what with no doubt will have been, in the hearts of all those present, an unforgettable experience.